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For the most part being back home hasn't been nearly as depressing as… - abort!

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December 19th, 2004

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02:07 pm
For the most part being back home hasn't been nearly as depressing as i thought it would be. most of the time i've either been at work, in the city, or doing various projects i've put off for months. Also: let's see how many times i can put I in this entry so far- this is entirely self-indulgent.
Very big amazing mistake/adventure yesterday which warrants post.

at 10ish yesterday, the lovely emily collins of RISD and Irvington high school fame, talks me in to going to a party in williamsburg. It is very easy to talk me into things, so we fill the car up with more gas than it could handle. However, between the two of us, and map quest directions, we couldn't find the triboro bridge. yadda yadda driving into oncoming traffic...etc. So if anyone is wondering what the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn is, it's somewhere between putnam ave. and wherever we got lost. So we looked for Jefferson street and found jefferson ave and thought perhaps we were there. so we get out of the car and half the buildings are borded up. The only person we see in the street is a woman spitting, convulsing and muttering to herself. We get to the adress and there are construction walls all around. apparently there is a jackson ave and a jackson street, but they are 20 blocks or so appart. But we didn't know that till we ducked into this cafe called sistah's (no er). On the wall were "coloreds only" posters, and most of the attendees of the club were wearing black power shirts. Being a bourgouisie jewish white girl i have never felt so awkward, especially because when we walked in the whole room turned around and stared. So we find the party, as well as every attractive straight man in the triboro area. so, since i have no social skills, i started to drink heavily. Pretty soon, after doing that thing i do when i'm drunk and give out my number like the nazi's are coming, the room started spinning. and no, i didn't make it to the bathroom on time. and yes, it was everywhere. i woke up the next morning and we once again had to find our way home. and found out that even though people live somewhere, they can still give you the gayest directions ever.
there's a lot more to this story. but watch out for the illustrated picture book coming this spring
Current Music: the good that won't come out- rilo kiley

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Date:December 19th, 2004 06:50 pm (UTC)
what's the workload at diversified right now? i'm wondering if i should even bother the awkward game-playing that it would take to get mehjob back.
Date:December 22nd, 2004 06:00 pm (UTC)
this is emily collins. great live journal post....i love finding the juice through facebook...and im trying to reach you on the phone right now and its not working. PICK UP THE PHONE OR ILL DUMP YOU BACK INTO THE SHITS OF BROOKLYN.

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