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oh my god - abort!

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November 9th, 2006

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04:06 pm - oh my god
i still have this lj.
I don't think i'll errase this one, it serves a different purpose.
The first draft of my Div 3 is due on Tuesday.
With woodcuts, and watercolors.

In class we looked over pages and pages of dead children with outstretched hands and men tortured without legs and soap made out of people. Sura found most of these pictures at a tag sale in Belgium.
I made books move in the smith library with stop motion animation. It's called "books in the wild". The complete Rousseau en frances is our antagonist.
Then i came home and Marissa and I watched Buffy the vampire slayer for hours by accident and the last episode was about the cruelty of man and i got really scared and curled up in Otis's third bed till he found me this morning confused and with a fever.
Current Music: Mystery Jets- Lizzies Lion

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